Manheim Locations

Manheim is the world's largest, most comprehensive wholesale vehicle marketplace with 106 locations worldwide. These operating locations are where live auction lane sales take place.

Competitive bidding in the lanes, as well as online, drives the auction process in which licensed automotive dealers are allowed to bid. Sellers, or consignors, may be manufacturers, rental car companies, financial institutions, leasing companies, corporate fleet managers or licensed automotive dealers. In addition to in-lane sales, Manheim's operating locations also provide an array of products and services including reconditioning, certification, inspections, dealer financing, transport, title management, and marshaling.



Manheim Toronto

8277 Lawson Road
Milton, ON
L9T 5C7

Tel: (905) 875-2915 or (800) 667-4656
Fax: (905) 875-3047

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Manheim Montreal

715 rue Dubois
St-Eustache, QC
J7P 3W1

Tel: (450) 974-4600 or (866) 668-5610
Fax: (450) 974-4601

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Manheim Edmonton

11650 - 199 St. NW
Edmonton, AB
T56 2C6

Tel: (780) 784-5555 

Fax: (780) 469-5081

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Manheim Halifax

376 Sackville Dr.
Halifax, NS
B4C 2R8

Tel: (902) 865-8650 or (877) 294-3300
Fax: (902) 865-9948

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Manheim Vancouver

14760 Triangle RD
Richmond, BC
V6W 1B1

Tel: (604) 545-2277
Fax: (604) 608-9755

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Manheim Moncton

2131 Old Rte 128 Rd
Berry Mills, NB
E1G 4K5

Tel: (506) 382-2777

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