Manheim Canada New Simulcast Digital Auction

Why use Simulcast?

Simulcast helps you: 

    • Bid without leaving your dealership
    • Bid at multiple auction locations
    • Find an effective way to purchase specifically targeted vehicles and for consignors to gain visibility for their products.                    



How do I login to the new Simulcast?


Go to and click on the Buy tab, then select Simulcast. Click Enter Sale on the lane you want to attend and that will open the           

new Simulcast. If searching for vehicles on on sale day, the Enter Sale button will also be on the Vehicle Display Page (VDP)

that will link you directly to Simulcast when clicked.


Go to and click on the Sell tab, then select Simulcast. This will redirect you to the new Simulcast.


Which credentials do I use to login to the new Simulcast?


The new Simulcast has the same credentials as,, and the old Simulcast. If you do not have credentials to any          

of these platforms, then you can Sign up on


What do I do if I’ve forgotten my username or password?

Login to and click the Login button. Below the username and password fields, there is a ‘Forgot?’ section.                                   

Click on the Username or Password link depending on which you need to recover.


Where can I place proxy bids?

 Proxy bids can be placed on prior to the sale on the VDP page.                                                                                                  



How do I order transportation or request other services like post sale inspections?

 The automatic purchase confirmation that is emailed out will contain a link to where you can request                                          

services on your vehicles in the Purchases section.


Why did I receive an email informing me I have reached 75% of my Manheim Credit Limit?

 This email has been sent to you to inform you that you are getting close to 100% of your Manheim Credit limit. When 100% of

your Manheim Credit Limit is reached, you will not be able to purchase vehicles on Simulcast. Please call the Credit and Collections                   

department at 905-875-2915 to pay off outstanding balances or login to’s PayOnline to do this online.


Will I receive purchase confirmations when I buy vehicles?

 Yes, a purchase confirmation will automatically be emailed to you with information regarding your purchase.                                                  


Who should a contact if I run into any difficulties accessing the Simulcast sale?

 If you run into any issues accessing or navigating through the application, please contact our Manheim                                                          

Client Experience team at 1-877-921-1520 to assist you.

Manheim Canada Online Dealer Car Auction The New Simulcast


Can I use Simulcast on my phone?

 Yes, the new Simulcast is compatible with mobile devices.                                       

Manheim Canada Online Dealer Car Auction The New Simulcast


Which browser should I use when I login to the new Simulcast?

 Simulcast has been designed to work across all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.). It is recommended that your browser is kept up to date with its most recent version.

Manheim Canada Online Dealer Car Auction The New Simulcast


Which arbitration policies are followed for Simulcast transactions?

 A detailed explanation of our arbitration policies can be found on or by clicking on the following here.

Manheim Canada Online Dealer Car Auction The New Simulcast