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Enhanced Vehicle Imaging provides a standard and consistent set of vehicle images, leading to a higher conversion rate for sellers and a higher degree of confidence for online buyers.

Our condition reports are performed by certified inspectors and use one set of inspection guidelines for all clients to guarantee consistency and quality.

Enhanced Vehicle Imaging is a new Manheim product that allows you to showcase your vehicle in the best possible way to attract more buyers. Clients have asked for more images, and they want to be able to zoom in and pan out to see the vehicle more clearly. Our options of 7 Outdoors, 15 Outdoors or 15 Showroom* pages allow you to choose the package that fits your needs and budget.


Manheim TorontoEvent

Complete condition information builds buyer confidence, which drives optimal sales prices and percentages.

  • More consistent image set
  • Higher conversion rates
  • More online buyers
  • Consistent, high-resolution images increase confidence to bid on online vehicles from a buyer's perspective





Manheim TorontoEvent

Enhanced Vehicle Imaging is currently available at the following Manheim locations in Canada:

Manheim Toronto

Manheim Montreal

Manheim Edmonton

Manheim Vancouver