Every Tuesday at 10:00AM EST at Manheim Montreal and online via Simulcast Lane 1.


Join Manheim and Ready Logistics at our Montreal location for our zero-rated, cross-border Can-Am Lane.

When you purchase a vehicle from our Can-Am Lane you’re protecting your liquidity because these purchases are zero rated, which means you won’t pay tax on them. Once purchases are finalized let ReadyLogistics get the vehicles out to your business in a timely fashion with no headaches.

Are you a buyer?

Experience an event that boasts:
  • A turnkey transport and import solution supported by ReadyLogistics
  • Unit transport from Manheim Montreal to Flint, Michigan or Buffalo, New York
  • A cluster charge
  • 30 day hold
  • Regular buy fee
  • Title generation

Are you a seller?

Here's what you get:
  • A mandatory pre-sale inspection
  • Regular sale fee
  • FREE EVIS booth pictures for each of the vehicles you bring to auction
  • Friday noon in order to have the pictures ready for the Tuesday auction.*

Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns

(450) 974-4600

Regular buy fees will also apply* | Prices will vary for imports* | Transport fees within US will vary by destination*

Can't make it out to our Montreal location?

Visit our Simulcast page and you'll still get real-time access to every vehicle that comes through the Can-Am Lane at the event, plus access to all regular lanes as well.