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Have you purchased a vehicle that has issues that weren’t disclosed during the sale? Were you unaware that a vehicle ownership wasn’t available at the sale? If so, you may be eligible for arbitration.

These dispute resolution services, based on the Canadian Arbitration Policy, protect buyers and sellers and help guarantee fair and ethical sales.

During the arbitration process, Manheim acts as a neutral intermediary to investigate and resolve transaction-related disputes. Possible outcomes include sale price adjustment or sale cancelation.

  • Service is subject to arbitration fee.
  • Arbitration can be initiated through any Manheim auction in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Claims must be filed within the time periods defined by Appendix I of the NAAA Arbitration Policy.


Is My Purchase Eligible for Arbitration?

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When you buy a vehicle at auction, certain factors determine if it qualifies for arbitration. Things like auction announcements, the lighting system, vehicle costs, and ownership are a few of these factors. Please contact your nearest Manheim Canada location to learn more.

Vehicles Sold With Sale Light Information

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Arbitration for vehicles sold under the Manheim sale light system is governed by the Canadian Arbitration Policy. 

  • Green Light - "Ride and Drive": A green light signals that the vehicle is guaranteed under the conditions outlined in the Canadian Arbitration Policy, except for specific announcements made prior to the sale.

  • Yellow Light - "Announcements": A yellow light is an indication to the Buyer that the Seller or auctioneer has made announcements that qualify and/or clarify the condition of the vehicle or its equipment and limit arbitration.

  • Red Light - "AS-IS": Vehicles selling under a red light may not be arbitrated for certain conditions, as detailed in the Canadian Arbitration Policy. Where applicable, Federal, Provincial, and local laws may supersede this Policy and local auction policies with respect to AS-IS vehicles.

  • Blue Light – “Title Absent” and/or “Out of Province” (Alberta only): A blue light means that the vehicle is sold with a bill of sale only and that there is no ownership present to transfer. In Alberta, the blue light may also signify an “Out of Province” vehicle.

*During in-lane sales, lights are normally located above the auction block. During Simulcast sales, lights are at the top right of the sale window*


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Vehicles selling for $2,000 and under, with no Limited Guarantee announcement, are considered as-is. These vehicles are only subject to arbitration for:

  • Odometer issues (present and history)
  • Ownership issues (present and history)

For more information, please refer to the $2,000 and Under Arbitration Policy.


NAAA Seller Disclosures Canada

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Click here to learn more about the latest NAAA Seller Disclosure requirements (effective January 1, 2017)





How to Initiate a Claim

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Initiate a claim by contacting the Manheim location arbitration department.  Once filed, a claims representative will be assigned to your case until resolved.


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